Road and Highway Driving Rules

There are many questions unanswered regarding road and highway driving rules, for example: How many people do we think are completely aware of driving rules before they start their first driving. Are these rules visible to any driver or simply this is on paper? who is responsible for public awareness. Each country has their own driving rules and we should be aware completely before we start driving. It is very hard to find driving rules for each country, we are trying our best to collect the data where ever it is available. We request all driver to kindly read the basic driving rules before the start driving, obeying rules is equal to saving a life.

Kindly be aware of the driving rules of the respected country where you are driving.

Respected Government should initiate more visible efforts in creating awareness regarding driving rules.

Respected Government should ensure that each driver is aware of road and highway rules before they start driving.

The Driver is also duty bound to know the driving rules.

Please find below the important link for driving rules and emergency numbers, we will try to add many more important details available.

Traffic signs and Rules India

  1. Driving rules of the road – Source  Govt. of Delhi.
  2. Traffic Signs  –  Source  Govt. of Delhi
  3. Traffic Police hand Signals –  Source Govt. of Delhi.
  4. Kindly login to all important emergency number in IndiaSouce credit Indian Helpline Website
  5. Other country driving rulesSource credit Wikipedia   


Call or check for emergency blood bank details

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