Why you should keep all your valuables in hand baggage or cabin baggage during air travel: loss of checked-in baggage or valuables may ruin your entire travel plan.

Arrival at the destination airport may welcome you with the rude shock that your checked in baggage or some valuables in it is missing, the strong possibility is always there.You should be always prepared for this eventuality and keep all your valuables in cabin or hand baggage during air travel, loss of checked-in baggage or valuables may ruin your entire travel plan.Many people are unaware of this and the airlines are also not interested in educating the passengers. There are many circumstances due to which you may lose your valuables or checked in baggage, please find below few of them.

Few important causes for checked in baggage or valuable losses

The baggage tag may have wrong inputs or damaged and could not be loaded into the plane.

The baggage accidentally loaded to some other plane

The baggage could be held due to scan or custom issue at the departure airport

The baggage could be mishandled or theft took place.

See various report link by CNN regarding checked in baggage issue

Hidde camera revels various airport workers stealing from luggage credit CNN 

Confession of an airport thief – credit CNN

The absence of checked in baggage or missing valuables could hurt you badly on your arrival, you may suddenly find some valuables, money, bag, medicine or documents are missing.

How to minimize your damage due to check in baggage losses 

It is not possible to avoid the losses of checked in baggage since the control of the same is not in your hand, but we can always prepare ourselves for the worst. Kindly keep all your valuables, important documents, medicine, phone and few pairs of clothes in your cabin or hand baggage. Most of the airlines’ permits hand or cabin baggage, the allowed luggage weight may differ from airlines to airlines.

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